About Brewer Marketing Group

Brewer Marketing Group has been providing business websites and marketing services since 2007. Our focus since our inception has been assisting privately held companies and small businesses to grow profitably. Our typical client is one in which the owners are actively involved in their business and are looking to expand their marketing presence both online and in traditional media.

Many of our clients want to be fully self-sufficient in terms of managing day-to-day marketing activities on their website, social media accounts and e-mail campaigns. Others need a bit more help, at least initially, and others have us handle all on-line marketing including pay per click advertising and e-mail marketing.

What makes BMG different is our focus on providing what our client needs at any point in their business cycle while building systems and workflows that enable our clients to be completely self-sufficient if they have the time, personnel and expertise in-house. Our job is to help our clients grow their business - whether we help them do the leg work or we do it for them - or anything in between.

We also recognize our clients' needs can and do change over time. During a busy season, we can take over day-to-day marketing and social media efforts with input and guidance from our clients. We can hand those tasks back to the client with a proven process and roadmap as their schedule and staff expertise allow.

Many of our clients view BMG as their marketing department - full time or on-call and ready to come off the bench as needed.

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