SEO Checklist

  • Descriptive page titles and descriptions - good site architecture
  • Keywords/phrases researched, tested, and continuously refined
  • Full use of free tools like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Bing/Yahoo Webmaster tools, etc.
  • WC3 compliant HTML code.
  • Quality, compelling, well written site content
  • Activity, activity, activity. Your website and social media platforms are one of your most powerful marketing tools - but they won't update themselves.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO isn't a "black art" or some form of magic. It is basic blocking and tackling, proper site architecture and construction, understanding how Google crawls and indexes your site, and taking advantage of everything that can be done for free before you start paying for AdWords or for so called "SEO Experts".

Anyone who promises you quick placement on page one of a Google search without making any changes to your site, your site content or your social media strategy isn't being honest with you. These are the same guys who promise that you can loose weight without changing anything about your lifestyle. It's a sham, and these shysters can get your URL removed from Google's index by link farming your site.

There is no substitute for quality design and layout (that's our part) combined with compelling content and frequent activity (that's your part but we can help you with that too).

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